》How to Ensure Confidentiality?
TACARE has an independent office, only authorized TACARE personnel are permitted to enter. Letters, faxes and telephone calls come directly into the TACARE office and are handled only by TACARE working group. Each TACARE working group member has signed the “Non-disclosure Agreement”. Releasing reporter's identity is strictly prohibited.
As soon as TACARE analyst confirms the contents of the report, all records of the reporter's personal datails are deleted. Normally, this de-identification process will be accomplished within 72 hours after TACARE receipt of the report. It is TACARE’s promise to ensure confidentiality and anonymity of the reporter and the parties involved. There has been no breach of confidentiality for the past 5 years of the system.



TACARE Fax: (02)8912-7395  TEL: 0800 - 075 - 085 E-mail: tacare@asc.gov.tw  
  Address : 11F., No.200, Sec. 3, Beisin Rd., Xindian District, New Taipei City 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)